Select Nutrition following farm visits and stock observation advise feed programmes and feed systems to meet the animal’s daily nutrient requirement more efficiently, improving performance, feed conversion and weight gain.

With narrow margins and increasing feed costs continuing to present economic challenges to profitability for beef producers, keeping animals healthy and growing efficiently are increasingly challenging in today's economic climate.

Select Nutrition provides nutrition feed programmes formulated to grow animals at a rate that allows them to maximise farm profitability.

It is essential to recognise the different nutritional needs at various phases, particular rearing, growing and finishing to produce a predictable outcome. The nutrition of beef cattle is a key component to a successful production system.

Select Nutrition can help you with your herd's health and nutrition to better performance and maximise your profitability.



Correct feed formulation is a necessity to any successful beef unit.

Select Nutrition are pleased to advise on feeding systems, forage choices, feed analysis and to formulate diets following on farm discussion, analysis and stock observations.

As these resources are forever changing then regular observations and discussion is a must.

TendaHoof FX™

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High starch diets can lead to a build up of damaging lactic acid in the rumen which may lead to acidosis and an increased incidence of lameness. TendaHoof™ FX is designed to encourage the development of a beneficial rumen microflora and the maintenance of a stable rumen pH. Improved rumen stability aids feed digestibility and promotes improved productivity.

Because the live yeast contained in TendaHoof™ FX is protected from heat and moisture by the unique manufacturing process (where the live yeast is coated with a layer of yeast cell wall culture) this results in more live yeast cells reaching the site of action live, making it the most cost effective live yeast available.

When fed to calves and beef cattle TendaHoof™ FX increases feed intakes, improves growth rates and leads to better feed conversion efficiency.

EU Registration trials show that animals fed TendaHoof™ FX have better carcass classification and reduced incidence of acidosis and lameness.

TendaHoof™ FX fed to calves show an increase in immune response and decreased stress impact, which leads to increased animal performance.

TendaHoof™ FX is easily incorporated into the ration through a mixer wagon, mobile feed mixer or on farm mixer.

How TendaHoof™ FX works:

  • Helps to maintain the rumen pH in the optimum range
  • Reduces oxygen levels in the rumen
  • Encourages the growth of ‘good’ rumen bacteria
  • Improves the energy supply from the rumen
  • Increases the amount of microbial protein

What TendaHoof™ FX does:

  • Maximises intakes
  • Increases live weight gain
  • Improves feed conversion ratio
  • Stabilises the rumen function
  • Reduces the risk of acidosis
  • Improves dung consistency

Feed Rate: 1 x 700 gram sachet of TendaHoof™ FX per 200 cattle/day


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TendaHealth™ is an esential chelated trace element and vitamin booster used pre-calving, at bulling and in problematic cows to improve calving ease, increase disease resistance and improve conception rates.

TendaHealth™ is specifically formulated to balance deficiencies of forage and minimise the negative effects of antagonists ie iron, molybdenums and sulphur.

Growth rates and health are critical and farmers know all too well that poorer animals never catch up with their contemporaries. TendaHealth™ is a booster to the immune system for all animals whether they are one week old calves, purchased cattle or finishing cattle at grass.

Fundamentally the garlic and the yeast are the key ingredients in the whole mix that seems to stimulate a reaction in the gut that boost nutrient absorption.

Increasing evidence shows the benefits of yeast and garlic in animal diets not only in terms of increased utilisation of trace elements but also to improve growth rates and resistance to disease and infections including worms.

Growing Cattle

Growing cattle become resistant to worms. Forage consistently deficient in trace elements and an excess in antagonists will limit cattle’s growth rate and performance.

Growing cattle dose rate: 75 ml of Tendahealth™ on a monthly basis

Suckler Cows

Poor fertility, difficulties at point of calving are consistently the most common factors that affect profitability in the suckler herd.

Suckler cow dose rate: 100 ml of Tendahealth™ per cow one month pre-calving and post-calving


Calves born from cows deficient in essential trace elements are more susceptible to infections and diseases.

Calf dose rate:

50 ml of Tendahealth™ on a monthly basis
or 10ml of TendaHealth™ for 5 consecutive days by dosing or via milk


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RuMeN FX™ is the market leader in protected live yeast. RuMeN FX™ creates a healthier more efficient rumen, which promotes feed intake and better feed utilisation, ultimately leading to more healthy, more productive and more contented animals.

Only RuMeN FX™ has the stability that means more yeast cells reach the rumen alive, making RuMeN FX™ the most cost effective live yeast available.

Why feed RuMeN FX™?

There are huge benefits to be gained from adding small quantities of live yeast to livestock rations. RuMeN FX™ is the most cost effective live yeast on the market due to the unique manufacturing process that protects the live yeast core from heat, moisture and acid by a layer of dead yeast cells. This means that more live yeast cells reach the rumen alive.

RuMeN FX™ creates a healthier, more efficient rumen, which promotes higher intakes and better feed utilisation, ultimately leading to more productive, healthy and contented animals.

It works by stabilising rumen pH and reducing the build up of lactic acid, which causes acidosis. It increases energy production and microbial protein synthesis, reduces rumen oxygen content and stimulates the growth of rumen organisms that digest fibre and starch, thus increasing feed intake and helping efficient digestion.

Feeding RuMeN FX™ gives you:

  • Increased Dry Matter Intakes (DMIs)
  • Reduced incidences of acidosis, lameness and cud balls
  • Improved fertility with less repeats due to better rumen efficiency
  • More content animals


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