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Lameness is a nutritional problem as well as bacterial. TendaHoof™ addresses both of these problems with one unique approach.

TendaHoof™ originally launched in 2003 following development work at farm level and Aberystwyth University. It is now used successfully on 1,000s of farms throughout the U.K.

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High starch diets can lead to a build up of damaging lactic acid in the rumen which may lead to acidosis and an increased incidence of lameness.

TendaHoof™ FX is designed to encourage the development of a beneficial rumen microflora and the maintenance of a stable rumen pH.

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TendaHealth™ is an essential trace element and vitamin booster used pre-calving, bulling and young stock to improve growth rates and bulling activity.

However, TendaHealth™ does much more than just add vitamins and trace element into diets.

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RuMeN FX™ is the market leader in protected live yeast.

RuMeN FX™ creates a healthier more efficient rumen, which promotes feed intake and better feed utilisation, ultimately leading to more healthy, more productive and more contented animals.