Sheep rely on grazed grass as their main source of nutrients so any factor that restricts their ability to graze has an effect on productivity.

Lameness is one of the greatest problems that farmers face. If sheep are to be farmed profitably, then they need to make best use of grazed grass. The pain and reduction in mobility results in reduced food intake, loss of body condition, lowered milk yield or loss of liveweight in growing animals.

TendaHoof™ Solution

TendaHoof Solution photo

TendaHoof™ Solution contains zinc and organic acids which work in conjunction with the added surfactants to cleanse the hooves through anti-bacterial action.

TendaHoof™ Solution is available in 25 litre and 200 litre containers.

  • Concentrated and easy to mix liquid (Use at 3 litres in TendaHoof™ System with water)
  • Suitable for all breeds and ages of sheep
  • Can be diluted for individual application by spraying as part of foot trimming routine (10:1 with water)
  • Lowers the pH of the footbath which reduces the presence of micro-organisms (25:1 in footbath)
  • Zinc helps to strengthen, condition and harden the hoof
  • Increased penetration due to the surface-active agent and wetting agents
  • Quick acting
  • Remains active in soiled conditions - organic acids are still effective in soiled water, although footbaths should be cleaned regularly

TendaHoof™ Mats

TendaHoof Mat photo

Manufactured from high quality materials so as to have a life expectancy of 8 years and over.

Select Nutrition also manufacture bespoke disinfectant mats to suit your requirements, whether for livestock use (creep feeders or handling systems) or for personnel use at show sites, offices or livestock markets.

Do not allow mat to be frozen as this will reduce working life.

How many sheep will a TendaHoof Mat treat?
It is recommended to use one TendaHoof Mat to treat a maximum of 250 sheep. Although farmers have treated more sheep with one mat the effectiveness is decreased and the soiling is increased. The disinfectant will have to be changed more often in these circumstances.

What is the life expectancy of a TendaHoof Mat?
TendaHoof Mats have been used on the same farms for seven years now without any problems. It is important to treat the mat with respect and clean monthly. Do not drag over abrasive areas or yards as this will damage the mat. The foam inner can be replaced at a minimal cost.

TendaHoof™ Licks

TendaHoof Lick photo

TendaHoof™ Licks are a specific supplement containing actisaf yeast to reduce acid loading, reduce stress and improve keratinisation quality to lessen lameness on a nutritional level.

TendaHoof™ is an effective source of trace elements, minerals and vitamins essential for an animal’s performance. The TendaHoof™ Lick has been designed to provide the right balance for your stock.

The benefits of feeding Chelated Trace Minerals include:

  • Improved fertility and reproductive performance
  • Reduced mastitis challenge
  • Increased hoof repair and resistance to bacterial attack
  • Improved immune status
  • Improved performance
  • Reduced mortality and ill health

Use TendaHoof™ Licks for:

  • Pre-tupping - flusing
  • Post-tupping - embryo surivial and development
  • Pregnancy - eye condition and health
  • Pre-lambing - lamb develipment, easier lambing, colostrum production
  • Post-lambing - milk production, lamb vigour, lamb growth
  • Finishing lambs - boost growth and forage utilisation

TendaHoof™ Licks Conatain:

Starch and Sugar ratio.
Provides optimum rumen function
Sugar stimulates fibre digesting rumen bugs.
Wheat distillers Dark Grains Yeast enhanced protein
Good levels of by pass protein 50:50 ratio.

Seaweed Meal TE source. So different from chelates or salts.
Better absorption.
Natural TE source therefore more available.

No Mg, no urinary calculi concern
High salt inclusion
Highest level on Zn Biolpex less orf problems.
Ca;P ratio for bone formation.

B vits for energy metabolism
Important for glucose production twin lamb disease and pre mating reproductive hormones.

Cobalt for cobalamene production and B12 synthesis.
Big response to cobalt supplementation.

B1 avoids CCN Can be problem where animals are being pushed Brassicas.
<b1 produced in fibrous diets
Also linked to iodine deficit.


TendaHealth photo

TendaHealth™ is an essential chelated trace element and vitamin booster containing the unique ingredients of garlic and yeast used pre-tupping and pre-lambing and in finishing lambs.

TendaHealth™ is specifically formulated to balance deficiencies of forage and minimise the negative effects of antagonists ie iron, molybdenums and sulphur.


  • Maximise lamb growth rates
  • Improve resistance to worms and fly strike
  • Minimise poor performance and stress at weaning
  • Less scour

Dose rate:

Lambs less than 20 kg 5 ml per lamb on a monthly basis (1000 doses/pack)
Lambs 20 kg and over 10 ml per lamb on a monthly basis (500 doses/pack)


  • Aim to lamb 90% of ewes in 20 days
  • Less assisted births
  • Less prolapsed
  • More live lambs
  • Maximise lambing percentage

Dose rate:

20 ml per ewe 4 weeks before tupping
(250 doses/pack)

20 ml per ewe 4 weeks before lambing


  • Increase sperm viability
  • Increase libido

Dose rate:

25 ml per ram 8 weeks prior to tupping
25 ml per tup at end of tupping season


Whinfell Park have used the TendaHoof™ system (consisting of a TendaHoof™ Mat, TendaHoof™ Lick and TendaHoof™ Solution so that the sheep disinfect their own hooves in the field) for the last 2 seasons. Since using the system it has proven to reduce antibiotic use, cut labour requirement for feet related issues by half and has also resulted in the sale of an extra 600 lambs prior to Christmas, reducing pressure on winter forage.

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